My Family Was Hit With A RM 150 000 Compound And What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

By Joanne Lau

My dad owns a forwarding company that has not been doing well for years. On 6th September 2021, one of his staff made a big…

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Failed In My Business, Became A Single Mom With Bad Debts; This Is My Story Today

By A Church Member

Three years ago, I was sitting alone in front of the High Court; waiting for my divorce hearing. At that point, I was a single…

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I Was Tested Positive And I Thought I Would Not Make It Through

By Simon

I was tested positive for COVID-19 on 28th August, and was under home quarantine but I had difficulty in breathing after 4 days. So, I…

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God Fought My Battles On My Behalf

By A Believer

Praise God! And also because of this, I am able to break-free from an unhealthy relationship. God is indeed no man's debtor and He is…

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The Perfect Home For My Family

By Nicole Cheah

God has done it again! He has granted my family a home for us during this trying times. I have been asking Him to show…

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Trusting In The Midst Of My Disappointment

By Priyanka Loh

Ever since the pandemic started, I have not been doing very well financially. I started my own business but it failed. Then, I joined another…

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