That Was The First Time I’ve Gotten Emotionally Joyful With Tears

That Was The First Time I’ve Gotten Emotionally Joyful With Tears

By Adam

I truly want to praise and thank our Lord Almighty for using me as His vessel to reach and save the lost to His Kingdom. When I was encouraged to write down and pray for friends we would like to invite for our Easter Sunday, I only had the names of two friends. One of them turned me down so I was left with only one friend to focus and pray for.

On Friday, I invited him our Easter service to him, the other friend overheard us and told me he would like to come to our Easter Sunday. I wasn’t aware that Simon was serious about it.  I wasn’t that close to the other friend at that time and he didn’t come across my mind to invite, but God works in tremendous ways and it’s all about God’s timing, not my timing. God’s timing is always the right timing.

The friend I wrote down initially could only joined the service online because he has to take care of his new born baby. But the friend who tag along for supper came for Easter Sunday.

When Pastor Saras extended the invitation to the congregation to receive Jesus into their lives, I saw him raised his hand to accept Jesus. That was the first time I’ve gotten emotionally joyful with tears. That’s how I understood God really works behind the scenes and uses us greatly individually. Indeed, if God can use a donkey, God can use me. Amen!

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