My Family Was Hit With A RM 150 000 Compound And What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

My Family Was Hit With A RM 150 000 Compound And What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

By Joanne Lau

My dad owns a forwarding company that has not been doing well for years. On 6th September 2021, one of his staff made a big mistake on the shipping documentations. He declared the wrong item. Therefore, when the goods arrived at the port, the authorities put the goods on hold and charged a RM150 000 compound. My dad’s company did not have the finances to pay such big amount of compound. My family were overwhelmed with fear.  

But we were entering the week of our church-wide fast and pray, so me and my family fasted and prayed for a miracle – that this compound would be reduced and that God would pour down His favour upon us. Surely, He did! A friend introduced an officer who is willing to help us with all the appeal letters and with the processes needed. 

During the last day of the fast and pray, my family thought, “Okay this is it! The miracle will come tomorrow!” But nothing happened. However, we continued to persevere on, believe and pray for a breakthrough.

On the 3rd week after the incident, the final letter from the court declined our appeal and put a final compound of RM16 000. That was still too much for us to pay and the letter stated no further appeal is allowed.

During Miracle Sunday on 26th of Sept 2021, our pastor preached about a miracle offering. My family and I were still holding on to our faith in Him that the miracle will take place. We obeyed God and gave an offering on Miracle Sunday.

The very next day, we were informed that the FINAL compound was RM5000 only! From a compound of RM150 000 reduced to RM5000 only. God is a miracle worker! As long as we trust, have faith and obey His words, He never ever fails!

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