In The Midst Of Opposition, It Was A Turning Point For My Brother

In The Midst Of Opposition, It Was A Turning Point For My Brother

By A Church Member

In 2019, my brother accepted Christ! Which was really a good start for us as a family, but it didn’t really progress from there because my grandparent strongly disapproves of my brother’s involvement in church and Christianity.

At that point, he hasn’t had a stable relationship with God and didn’t think that believing in Jesus would make a big difference. But I continued to pray for my brother. Not until this year that things slowly changed. He started attending Sunday service more regularly and he even served as the youth camp task force.

Even though many disapprovals and oppositions took place during the camp, I saw him giving his all in doing his part excellently.  It was a turning point for him during the youth camp,  he encountered God powerfully.

Now, he wants to be committed in our church’s youth ministry to help out. And he went from just standing still during praise and worship to jumping, praising and lifting up his hands at the praise pit.

I truly believe that if one person is saved in the household, the rest will be too. God can turn the hardest and furthest hearts, we just have to hold on to Him and have faith. Praise God for His goodness!

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