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Seasons & Purpose

by Ps. Felina Bany


Is God present in the course of history? Does a change of season catch God off guard? Here’s the good news! God is not caught by surprise when seasons are changing and He is still in control and greatly involved in your life. And every season has its purpose and meaning. Catch this practical and life-changing message to make the best out of your seasons with Christ!


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  • Having a vision is not just a personal thing but it is a God thing. He has a vision for yo

  • What do you seek your values in life and where do you seek for your blessings? Are they ar

  • Have you stopped to reflect with God — what are His purposes and blessings for you in this


Offering, Tithes, and Special funds


2 Corinthians 9:6

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.



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ALIFE —short for Audacity Life Groups— is a small-groups community that you can join and grow together in Christ and in life. ALIFE members build each other up, help each other out during hard seasons, and inspire one another through their walk in faith.

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IT IS PHENOMINAL! A youth community consisting of middle school to college-aged youth who unite under the common desire to make a social impact by spreading the contagious love of God with the world!


Phenom is a vibrant, diversified, and friendly community and has regular events and outings together showcased through @phenomyouth on Instagram!



Welcome to Audacity Kidz, the youngest warriors of the church! At Audacity Kidz, our children experience the goodness of God through art, games, and worship.


Audacity Kidz services are full of fun because our God is a fun God!.




AM是一个以英文为主要媒介的教会,而Audacity Chinese则是由Ps. Adrian Chin所带领的中文聚会。

Audacity Chinese 成为中英社区之间,一道重要的语言桥梁,将上帝给予教会的异象,以中文来服事中文社区,让槟城,甚至世界各地会说中文的人,都能够听见上帝要对他们说的话而经历生命改变!

Audacity Chinese 相信,上帝对于这片土地的中文社区拥有独特而宝贵的计划,因此,我们胆敢相信并积极在中文社区传扬祂的话,因为上帝有能力!如果你是说中文的人,我们欢迎你加入成为这个家庭的一份子!