God Did The Impossible And My Prayer Was Answered

God Did The Impossible And My Prayer Was Answered

By A Church Member

Getting out of a relationship is never easy, and it’s hard to write about. But God’s goodness and mercy has never failed to shine through. I was in a relationship with someone who didn’t share the same faith as me. Throughout the relationship, I felt that love was conditional, there was lack of empathy and I was unworthy of forgiveness. I felt that he constantly defined me by my past and told me to my face that I was undeserving of his forgiveness. Took me long enough to get out of it. I was ashamed to tell anyone, and I thought nobody would’ve understood how difficult it was. But God called me back to His house and family and He showed me the exact opposite of what I grown to settled for. He turned my perspective upside down.

I’ve never felt a love and joy like that where I wasn’t defined by my past. So, I began to pray for forgiveness for the other person and healing for myself. I also began to pray for God to work in his life because I definitely coudn’t have changed him.

He called me after we cut contact for a month and in his words he told me, “I went to church today, and I felt something in me.” God did the impossible and my prayer was answered. Because of Jesus, I have so much love, forgiveness and empathy in me and He empowered me to be that testimony and to share His goodness to people around me.

Today, my family, my 87 year-old grandpa have come home to the Lord too and it has been an outpouring of blessings this season. God is so so good and I am forever thankful for Him.

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