Failed In My Business, Became A Single Mom With Bad Debts; This Is My Story Today

Failed In My Business, Became A Single Mom With Bad Debts; This Is My Story Today

By A Church Member

10th Nov 2021 was a remarkable day for me! A day of victory! 

Three years ago, I was sitting alone in front of the High Court; waiting for my divorce hearing. At that point, I was a single mom who was carrying a 2 year old boy with more than RM100,000 bad debts on hands. I was struggling and worrying but at the same time, I had faith and kept declaring the verse, Jeremiah 29:11, “God has a plan to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give you hope and a future.” The battle belongs to Jesus. 

God is our Father and our provider. He is Jireh! His promises never fail. Throughout these three years, despite the pandemic and lockdowns, my business has been growing, my income has been increasing, and my faith has continued to be strengthened! I held on to my faith and continued to believe in Him. He was and still is my top priority and I always believe that when I build His house, He will build my house. 

Today, I’m declaring that I’m debt-free! I have settled all my bad debts in three years instead of 10 years! On top of that, I have 6-digit cash investments in my account today! It’s a double portion of blessings from Heaven! 

Five years ago, I failed in my business. Three years ago, I became a single mom with bad debts but today I am debt-free with a comfortable life! God has blessed my son and I immeasurably more than we can ask and imagine. He is our Abba Father! He is worthy for all praise!

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