Trusting In The Midst Of My Disappointment

Trusting In The Midst Of My Disappointment

By Priyanka Loh

Ever since the pandemic started, I have not been doing very well financially. I started my own business but it failed. Then, I joined another company but it didn’t go very well — at one point I had nearly less than RM100 in my bank account after paying all my bills. I felt very sad and disappointed. 

All of a sudden, my partner asked me if I have been paying my tithe. I don’t always pay it on time and sometimes I don’t pay the actual amount that I am supposed to pay. My partner then continued to say, “Why don’t you pay this time?” I told him that I don’t have much left and if I were to pay this amount I might have to sit in the middle of the road. So my partner reassured me, “You are our Heavenly Father’s daughter and He will not let you down, all you  have to do is trust Him and if He lets you go to the middle of the road then there might be something that He wants you to learn.” After the whole conversation, I decided to give whatever I had and in the following month, I got nearly 8 times the money I gave God. This is how amazing He is. Trust him and He will always be there for us.

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