How My Broken Dream Led To An Opportunity

How My Broken Dream Led To An Opportunity

By Jeannie Ng

Early 2020, I felt really lost. Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t pursue my dreams. I had no choice but to give up my make up business. I went through a tough time accepting this reality, but throughout it, God broke me free from a lot of perpetual internal struggles. He shaped me, healed me and grew me. And then, He blessed my boyfriend, Soon and I with a new business opportunity. Not long after came the building fund. We each heard separately an amount that we did not have at the time, but chose to obey and pledged that amount. 

In the following week, it was just amazing how God connected people to us and brought random people to engage with us. People would walk pass our shop and our conversation would turn into a long term purchase plan. We also prayed to hit a certain daily sales target to be able to fulfil the pledge in the given time. God came through by exceeding that amount every day! The sacrifice is a privilege, for when you build His house, He build yours. Thank God for His faithfulness and goodness!

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