God Fought My Battles On My Behalf

God Fought My Battles On My Behalf

By A Believer

I was having some issues involving other parties which I had been praying for them to be solved since last year but could not be solved although I had been in discussion with them for a while. I asked God to fight these battles on my behalf because the decisions were in the hands of other people. I kept declaring that the victory belongs to Jesus. Then, I sensed God asked me to double up my miracle offering during Breakthrough month in September, which was a significant amount for me. But I obeyed and gave the miracle offering.

Miraculously, by the grace of God, on the first week of October, the other parties agreed to the terms I have set and because of this, I will be receiving a sum of compensation which is 450% more than my miracle offering! Praise God! And also because of this, I am able to break-free from an unhealthy relationship. God is indeed no man’s debtor and He is victorious!

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