The Doctor Was Shocked At My Recovery Rate

The Doctor Was Shocked At My Recovery Rate

By Say Seng

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF) with hyperthyroidism on 27th January, my BPM was over 150 at rest with an irregular rhythm, and was admitted for a night, to GH Penang the next day. X-ray showed my heart was swelling, half of my left lung could not be seen. My weak heart caused my legs to swell too due to fluid retention. After I was discharged from GH, I was advised to expect at least 18-months medication, frequent follow-ups, to avoid exercises, except walking and iodine-rich food. Since then, many AM members and I kept pressing in to pray for my health. On 23rd February, I went back to GH for my first appointment and the doctor was shocked at my blood test result. Not only did my thyroid hormone drop in this short period of time, but also instead of 18-months medication, we are foreseeing a stable condition in 6-months time. I self-checked my BPM on 27th February, and it was back to 100-110 at rest with regular rhythm. Plus, I can no longer feel my heart beating as obviously right under my left chest. My heart size was reduced! 

Praise God! Hallelujah! I thank God for being my shield and delivering me from this illness. And I pray that God will continue to watch over me as I’m growing in Him. Lastly, I hope this testimony helps to encourage someone who is in a challenging season. Seek God first, and who knows, somehow God is using our challenges for the good. Stay safe, and see you all soon.

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